Sister Love: A Letter To My First Born

To my three year old, Harleigh Rose, as you become an older sister.

These past few weeks have been an emotional journey as we are nearing the end of the time you can say “Sissy is in Mommy’s belly.” Your little sister is almost here. Selfishly, I have been so consumed with all of the thoughts about how my life will change as a Mother once she arrives. Until now, I haven’t taken the time to stop and think about all the changes you will face as well.

You are a beautiful soul, Harleigh Rose. I can’t thank you enough for all the times you tell me, “I can’t wait to hold Sissy!” or “When she cries, I will be ready to feed her a bottle.” Every time you come lay next to me and rub your blankie on my belly, look up at me and say, “Sissy’s cold.. here she can share with me,” my heart melts a little more. My absolute favorite is when you come and give my belly a huge hug and say, “Oh! I just love you so much Sissy!”

These first few months may be a little challenging as we all learn each other. There will be some ups and downs, some tears and laughs, but I promise you that we will all become stronger and love deeper. I rest easy knowing I have you to help me guide this new little girl as she enters the world. I have no doubt you will become an amazing Big Sister and role model to our sweet girl. Above all, I hope you teach her the following qualities that have made you such an amazing daughter & friend.



From the very beginning, you came with this immense amount of determination. No matter what obstacle stands in your way, you are always able to find your way around it to accomplish your goals. You’re a problem solver by nature. I hope you can teach your sister how to follow in your courageous footsteps.


Even though you have a strong-willed nature, there is a side of you that deeply cares about everyone you meet. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, if they are hurt, you will stay by their side until they are healed. You have an innate desire to ensure the people you care about are healthy and happy. Please share this quality with your sister as it is truly important.


Your personality lights up any room. You have an infectious ability to make everyone smile when they first see you. Your laugh is without a doubt my favorite sound in the world. When I am having a rough day, I can just look at you and your goofball expressions and all my worries just drift away. I am sure you will make your little sister laugh just as hard as you do.


Though sometimes I have a mini heart attack watching you fly down the street on your scooter or swing so high on your play-set, your fearlessness impresses me everyday. You face every challenge that comes your way with a bravery I have never known. You are going to go so far in this life knowing there is no mountain that can stand in your way. I hope that you can share this incredible quality with your sister as well.


Above all else, you have a heart of gold. Your ability to deeply love everyone you care about is reciprocated with a matching love for you. It is no secret that you are a special girl my Rose. I can already tell that you will captivate the heart of your sister and develop a bond that nobody else can understand.

I am so grateful to know that the little girl we are about to bring into our family has someone like you to lead her. I am so excited to watch the two of you grow up and explore the world together. I know that I am stronger because of you, which makes me confident that your sister will be too.

Thank you for being by my side. I know you are still too young to understand, but you have made me one proud Mama already.

I love you girls.

– Mama of Roses –

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