Two Wild – Boho Chic Birthday

Okay… Kennedy’s Two Wild Boho themed birthday was my absolute fav to plan! I was so happy with how everything turned out. The colors, the decor, the elegance (yet ruggedness) just came together beautifully! If you are interested in a boho style event, I’ve captured everything for you to make it super simple to replicate!


Kennedy had such an amazing second birthday party! SO glad I landed on the Two Wild idea. I was originally going to spin it into a jungle theme (you know.. wild.. jungle… animals), which I am sure would be adorable. However, I am still day dreaming about the boho style! Not to mention her handmade outfit from the sweetest girl on Etsy!

As always… I like to center everything around the cake / cupcakes. Petunia’s Pies + Bakery will forever be my go-to for anything dessert related. If you haven’t yet checked them out… its a must! Read her story, so awesome! Plus, their cake designs are out of this world amazing. I just give some thoughts around what I’m visioning and let the experts run with it. Every single time, the result is way better than I could have dreamed. I mean.. this cake… OMG!

The cupcakes are ALWAYS the hit of the party. They go so fast… definitely order extras! So insanely delish!

After I have some ideas for the cake… I start pulling together some thoughts around the rest of the decor. Amazon and Hobby Lobby are the first stops on my list. I’ve linked everything you need on for you! Find me @heatherkrystine on the app!


My personal favorites were the backdrop, which was less than $20, and the balloon arch! Real talk for a second… the balloon arch can be a pain to put up, but IMHO its worth the effort πŸ™‚ Use the balloon stickies sparingly! You’ll need these to get everything in the right place. Also, when putting it up.. whatever you do… do not try to take a sticky off a balloon. It will pop for sure. If it’s a balloon with confetti in it.. you will have a celebration when your balloon pops.. haha! (I wouldn’t know from experience…. ok.. maybe I do).

I also found these super cute party favor bags on Etsy, linked here. The boho headbands + bracelets for friends were an Amazon find. All Kennedy’s friends were so adorable wearing them! <3

The plates, cups, napkins and straws were all Amazon finds! If you couldn’t tell… I became a tad obsessed with gold! Love the elegance it brought throughout the decor.

For her cake smash, I loved having the teepee as the perfect back drop. So stinking adorable and fit perfectly with the boho theme. The teepee, flowers, rug and adorable “Two Wild” outfit from Etsy are all linked for you here.

I hope you love this theme as much as I do! I would LOVE to hear other ideas of how you would bring it to life! Also… welcoming suggestions for our next theme πŸ™‚ Comment below!

– Mama of Roses –

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      1. The links for the decor, party bags, and teepee, rugs etc. I loved all of it πŸ™‚

  1. Is there anyway you could link the plates, cups, & silverware you used?😊 I can’t seem to find them!

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