Sister Love: A Letter To My First Born

To my three year old, Harleigh Rose, as you become an older sister.

These past few weeks have been an emotional journey as we are nearing the end of the time you can say “Sissy is in Mommy’s belly.” Your little sister is almost here. Selfishly, I have been so consumed with all of the thoughts about how my life will change as a Mother once she arrives. Until now, I haven’t taken the time to stop and think about all the changes you will face as well. Continue reading “Sister Love: A Letter To My First Born”

Strong-Willed Children: How To Nurture This Quality

My journey learning how to balance the needs of a powerful child


I learned early into the first week of Motherhood that my tiny 7lb daughter was going to be a challenge. She began her life on her own agenda, setting her own rules. I will forever remember the nights we were awake from midnight to 5am, because she simply didn’t want to sleep. Instead, she wanted to hear the sound of her amazing lungs for hours on end.

It wasn’t until about a year later that I officially knew, this girl is going to dominate one day. No joke, the other day, I was trying to explain to her the importance of waiting until someone is done talking and not speak over them. It was a lesson intended to be about respect and I thought I had done a pretty good job explaining, until she responded with, “But.. I’m the winner Mom.” Continue reading “Strong-Willed Children: How To Nurture This Quality”

Co-Sleeping?! Our Story

One of the most controversial topics on parenting… co-sleeping. Is it healthy? Is it harmful? It seems like no matter who you ask, there is a different opinion on this one. While there is a ton of info out there that “shame” the parents who decide that co-sleeping is right for them, what they neglect to tell you are all the benefits that accompany a shared bed with your little. Continue reading “Co-Sleeping?! Our Story”

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Unique Men’s Wooden Watch

If you’re like me, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you every year. You finally start winding down from the crazy holiday season, then BAM! … before you know it, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Our anniversary is in October, His birthday is in November, then of course Christmas consumes December. By February, I am fresh out of ideas around how I can make this day special for my main squeeze.

Luckily, this year I stumbled upon a gift idea I know he is going to love!

Continue reading “Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Unique Men’s Wooden Watch”

Motherhood: The Most Important Quality

Some days are good, some days are hard. Some days I kick booty at this whole mom thing. I wake up before the sun rises, work out, get the girls fed, all the chores / shopping done, teach Harleigh something rad and have a stellar dinner on the table at a decent hour. Other days, I struggle to get everyone bathed before 2pm and we have takeout for dinner.

As a mom of a high energy, strong willed threenager and a newborn who is still learning what life is about, each day is totally different. The only constant is knowing that my vision for the day, is just that… a vision. Reality will set in, shake things up, and the output is a day that I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Never did I think I would end up cutting hot pink slime out of a dolls hair or using 5 thick towels to clean up the solid inch of water that spilled out of the bathtub because Harleigh magically grew an invisible mermaid tail and learned how to make tidal waves the size of Texas. Continue reading “Motherhood: The Most Important Quality”

A Letter To The Imperfect Mom

To all the Moms out there who are struggling to find that balance of taking care of your children and yourself… I feel you.

To all the Moms who are desperately trying to rediscover themselves as an individual and as a Mother… I see you.

To all the Moms who constantly compare yourself to other Moms and think quietly to themselves, “Wow, I am not even close to having my ish together like they do” … I hear you.

To all the Moms who constantly feel as though they are falling short of the picture perfect vision of a Mom they once thought they would be… I AM you. Continue reading “A Letter To The Imperfect Mom”

Childhood Obesity: How Can We Improve Our Lifestyle?

I wouldn’t say I’m overly health conscious, nor could I say I am ignorant about what I consume. I’m likely right in the middle of that scale. I’ll admit that I will totally devour a good plate of nachos, and perhaps indulge in a FroYo trip on a Friday night. I’ll also admit that I am not the world’s perfect mom when it comes to preparing meals. Yes, my daughter’s favorite meal is Mac N’ Cheese (although the organic Annie’s kind if that makes any difference) and she might have had a little bit of ice cream last night… guilty.

The other day, I was watching her eat her fav lunch (Mac N’ Cheese – with a drop of blue food coloring because she has to match Elsa) and a slight waive of anxiety passed through me. I realized that I am responsible for shaping the eating habits she will have for the rest of her life. I’ve been so focused on protecting her from all the other harms she may face – dressing her warmly so she doesn’t catch a cold, explaining to her why it scares Mama when she tries to jump down a flight of 20 stairs, telling her to hold my hand when we cross the street – that I completely failed to consider food consumption as a potential threat to my baby girl.

Continue reading “Childhood Obesity: How Can We Improve Our Lifestyle?”

Transition: From An Only Child To An Older Sibling

While adding a new member of the family is exciting, it also means that change will be the only constant for the unforeseen future. As a Mother trying to learn the balance between taking care of a newborn, your first born and yourself… sometimes we forget that our oldest children are also going through a similar transition. Suddenly losing the only child status and becoming the “big” sibling over night can be confusing and frustrating, which can be an emotional struggle.

I made a promise to myself, and my first born, 3 years old, that adding a little sister to our family would be a great experience for everyone. During the first couple days with our new baby girl, I noticed my older daughter acting out, whining, and resisting me when I tried to talk to her. I realized that I was not upholding my end of the bargain and I needed to make some quick changes to ensure this transition became a smooth one. Continue reading “Transition: From An Only Child To An Older Sibling”

Pineapple Chicken & Rice Boats

If you’re looking for a simple, fun way to spice up a week day dinner, this recipe is for you!

I had a ton of fun making this dinner. My cousin and I are on Maternity Leave together, so we promised each other we would pick up a hobby to master while enjoying some time at home with the family before returning to our work lives. We decided healthy cooking would be a great way to regain our focus on health, after nine months of pregnancy.

We stumbled across these fancy looking Pineapple Boats and thought it was worth a shot. Seriously, one of the easiest dinners I’ve ever made. Clearing out the pineapples was the most difficult part (which you could always nix and serve in a regular bowl – but it definitely would be lacking the fun factor). Read below to learn the easy steps to make a quick, awesome looking dinner. Continue reading “Pineapple Chicken & Rice Boats”

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl: Easy, Healthy Dinner

If you’re a busy mom and searching for quick, healthy food options… check out this super easy, nutrient packed dinner!

The Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl is literally one of the easiest dinners to make. Plus, it is full of super foods and vitamins to get you through the rest of your busy day. The only ingredients requiring any sort of cooking are the chicken and quinoa. If you’re vegetarian / vegan, the chicken can easily be removed or replaced with your substitute of choice.

In just four simple steps, and about 20 minutes, you’ll be enjoying a delicious, well balanced meal. Continue reading “Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl: Easy, Healthy Dinner”

Drinking While Pregnant: What’s Okay?

To drink, or not to drink – A hot topic that many pregnant women are deliberating.

FullSizeRender (1)

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, chances are the topic of drinking has come up. In today’s world, this is a highly controversial topic with several different perspectives – even within the same friend groups. While one woman chooses to opt in to an occasional glass of wine, her friend may see this as an unnecessary risk and choose to abstain completely. So, who’s right? Continue reading “Drinking While Pregnant: What’s Okay?”

Pregnancy: The Raw Truth

To those who are curious as to what pregnancy is like, veteran Mamas who need a good laugh or husbands who should know what their wives are experiencing.

During the last nine months, I had quite a few ladies approach me to ask what pregnancy is like. I got questions from, “Is it really that bad?” to “I just want to know if everything goes back to normal.”

The short answer…. no. No its really not that bad and no not everything looks as it once did. I’ve heard every pregnancy is different. The below is a series of things I experienced with both my pregnancies.  Continue reading “Pregnancy: The Raw Truth”