Mermaid Birthday Party 🧜‍♀️


I don’t know about you… but this summer is FLYING by! I keep meaning to give an update on Harleigh’s 5th birthday… a month later, here we are! Better late than never… #amiright?

I absolutely looove how her Mermaid Birthday turned out, it was definitely a splash! Here’s a glimpse into how we “shell”ebrated 😉

Harleigh was quick to decide Mermaid was the perfect theme for her party. I started looking for birthday dresses almost immediately. I found a personalized dress on Etsy for only $25! I found the absolute BEST pants for Kennedy on Amazon! I mean.. how cute are those?!


When planning a birthday… the cake + cupcakes are always a focal point, so I tend to start here to land on the colors for the rest of the decor. Petunia’s Pies & Bakery is my go-to for any sweet treats. If you’re around the Portland area, you need to check them out! Not only do they have the cutest shop ever downtown, their desserts are absolutely delish!


I was obsessed with how they turned out! They really went over the top to create an “under the sea” feel.

I actually made the mermaid tail cupcake toppers at home. I thought for sure they would be a Pinterest fail, but they were shockingly easy to make! I’ll admit I got a tad too excited about the whole process that I may have made too many 😳

You can find all the must haves in my Amazon list here 🙂

imageHere’s some quick easy steps to make the toppers / chocolate decor:


  1. Rub edible glitter on the molds
  2. Microwave the candy melts, stir every 30 seconds.
  3. Transfer into Ziploc bags for ease of pour
  4. Cut a tiny corner and squeeze the melted chocolate into the molds
  5. Use a spoon to smooth the top of the melts
  6. Refrigerate for about 30min
  7. Remove the molds and voila!


For the other party decorations… Amazon was my best friend. Who am I kidding… Amazing is ALWAYS my best friend. I added all the essentials in my online list, feel free to check it out!

I am a huge fan of balloon arches! I found a super easy to use kit that has everything included. Also on the list… popcorn boxes, party favor bags + all the fillers, metallic straws, cupcake holders, table clothes, cups, plates, etc…


I also found the mermaid backdrop for our “under the sea” fishing game! One of my childhood highlights was at a friend of mine’s birthday. They had this super cool game where you went fishing for prizes by tossing a fishing line over this giant sheet and waiting to see if your bait worked. In suspense, I waited until I felt a tug of the line and pulled it hard back over the sheet. I honestly can’t remember what the prize was, but I do remember the excitement. I know it sounds kinda cheesy… but I loved it! The kiddos as Harleigh’s party loved it too!


We also had a piñata, which was a huge hit! I found the mermaid piñata at Party City. It was super fun to see all the kids put every ounce of strength they had into their swings!


For those that may not be so adventurous, we also had a craft table where kids could decorate their own treasure chests and seashells. I wasn’t sure how much interest this table would get… but the kids were all over it!

I found the table net, seashells, treasure chests, glitter glue and paint supplies at Hobby Lobby – my other favorite store 😉


Here’s a few other pics from the set up. Overall, super happy about how everything turned out. We all partied our tails off!

Oh! One thing I didn’t mention… I found these adorable tags on Etsy for only $8! Great quality and shipped at lightning speed. Definitely recommend them!


Hope you found some inspiration to make your Mermaid Party a splash! Would love to hear some of your fun Mermaid ideas and see pics! Comment below 🙂

– Mama of Roses –



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