Motherhood: The Most Important Quality

Some days are good, some days are hard. Some days I kick booty at this whole mom thing. I wake up before the sun rises, work out, get the girls fed, all the chores / shopping done, teach Harleigh something rad and have a stellar dinner on the table at a decent hour. Other days, […]

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Transition: From An Only Child To An Older Sibling

While adding a new member of the family is exciting, it also means that change will be the only constant for the unforeseen future. As a Mother trying to learn the balance between taking care of a newborn, your first born and yourself… sometimes we forget that our oldest children are also going through a […]

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Strong-Willed Children: How To Nurture This Quality

My journey learning how to balance the needs of a powerful child I learned early into the first week of Motherhood that my tiny 7lb daughter was going to be a challenge. She began her life on her own agenda, setting her own rules. I will forever remember the nights we were awake from midnight […]

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